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Heritage High School

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November 16,2023
Welcome to our newest member: Hinsdale Central High School in Illinois.

November 12,2023
New Version Released - (2023.1). This version fixes our contact page not emailing, adds a feature to filter users for admins and a way to remove ALL users assigned to a resource so that ALL users can see and scheduled that resource without having to manually assign each user specifically.

July 28,2023
Welcome to our newest member: Briarwood Academy in Georgia.

July 12,2023
Welcome to our newest school: Journey Middle School in Alabama.

August 07,2022
New Version Released - (2022.1) It includes a fix for deleting a resource. This was broken in a previous release when we added the ability for a user to add a default resource whose calendar would load when logging in.

September 15,2021
Welcome to our newest member: Highlands High School in Kentucky.

August 19,2021
Welcome to our newest member: Madison City Schools in Alabama.

August 02,2021
Welcome to our newest member: Shiloh High School in Georgia.

July 31,2021
Migrated app to a new server! Hopefully the site should run a little faster.

July 28,2021
Welcome to our newest member: Peachtree Ridge High School in Georgia.