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Lone Star College - Montgomery


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August 28,2020
Welcome to our newest school: Penn Forest Elementary School in Virginia.

July 15,2020
Welcome to our newest school: South Oldham High School in Kentucky.

May 14,2020
Welcome to our newest member: Biogenerator Lab in Missouri.

February 19,2020
Welcome to our newest member: Hononegah Community High School in Illinois.

February 15,2020
Version 3.0.2 released! This version includes one MAJOR bug fix that addresses an issue where duplicate entries were placed on the calendar and problems deleting when dealing with a large number of time slots.

January 29,2020
Welcome to our newest member: Olmsted Academy North in Kentucky.

January 05,2020
Version 3.0.1 released! Includes darker lines on the calendar to help see the slots better, help videos updated, and a few other minor fixes.

September 23,2019
Welcome to our newest member: Lake Howell High School in Florida.

September 01,2019
Welcome to our newest school: Fern Creek High School in Kentucky.

August 27,2019
Welcome to our newest school: Heritage High School in North Carolina.