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Welcome to the newest version of Lab and Resource Scheduler 2.0!

This website is the latest release of Lab and Resource Scheduler. It is designed to allow schools and other organizations a quick and easy way to schedule labs, rooms, and other resources such as digitial cameras, projectors, etc.

The site has been redesigned from the ground up and includes a completely new interface and better support for all the major browsers including Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. In addition to these improvements, the program now supports the following features:

  • Create unlimited resources and categories
  • Supports timeslot-based scheduling or block-based scheduling for each resource
  • Easily block out unavailable timeslots for all resources or individual resources
  • Each resource can be limited in it's ability to be scheduled by limiting how far in advance it can be scheduled, by limiting the maximum number of consecutive timeslots in one day, and by limiting the maximum number of consecutive days it can be scheduled by one user
  • Email notifications to administrators and users when items are scheduled and un-scheduled
  • Send messages to and from users and administrators
  • A variety of reports including what's been scheduled, resource usage, user usage, etc
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May 14,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Lakeside High School in Georgia.

May 08,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Evans Middle School in Georgia.

March 25,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Parkview High School in Georgia.

March 22,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Grovetown Middle School in Georgia.

February 28,2018
Welcome to our newest school: Fort Lewis Elementary in Virginia.

February 20,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Smithfield Selma High School in North Carolina.

February 13,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Meade High School in Georgia.