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Copeland Buhl & Company


In order to offer this service there is a one-time setup fee and yearly subscription fee. However, our goal is to keep this service as inexpensive as possible.

One-Time Setup Fee... $ 250.00
This fee is charged one time only and includes setting up your account information and all your user accounts provided you can give us a comma dlimited file of each user's required information.
Yearly Subscription Fee... $ 100.00
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If you have any comments or suggestions related to our pricing structure, please let us know because we want to work with each customer to offer the best service at the best value possible.

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May 14,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Lakeside High School in Georgia.

March 25,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Park View High School in Georgia.

February 09,2018
Welcome to our newest member: Greenbrier High School in Georgia.