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How can we improve Lab and Resource Scheduler?


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Put a place where you can change your password.

By Susan McManus, Luce Elementary School

On Mar 25,2019 08:23:18 AM

Is there a place that lets you change your password?



automatic waiting list if lab is made available

By Paulynn Covington, SCAPA Bluegrass

On Mar 20,2019 09:09:52 AM

I would like a way for teachers to get in a queue automatically in the event a computer lab is made available.



Add to iCal or Google Calendar

By Patty Stinson, South Warren High School

On Mar 8,2019 12:07:02 PM

It would be awesome if there was a way for individuals that book a resource could click add to iCal or add to Google Calendar. So many times teachers forget what resources that they have booked.



Add an email to each individual with resources booked

By Patty Stinson, South Warren High School

On Mar 8,2019 12:04:22 PM

Instead of getting an email every time a resource is booked, it would be awesome if individuals with items booked for that day would get an email similar to the one we get as admins each morning. Tha ..
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Include a bulk delete feature

By Sandy Brand, Liberty Middle School

On Feb 13,2019 11:17:30 AM

Much like the Advanced tab gives us the option to reserve a resource over multiple days/times, we need the ability to go in and delete reserved resources the same way. For example, I can go in and "b ..
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When a user books a resource for consecutive days, send admins only ONE email for the entire block of the reservation.

By Lauren Shipp, San Diego Miramar College

On Feb 12,2019 18:05:49 PM

As it stands, multiday reservations yield an unnecessary number of email notfications. For example, a 10-day reservation can easily generate 10 emails for initial reservation, followed by 10 emails ab ..
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